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Business strategy and planning

Business plans are the foundation on which successful businesses are built.

Create the roadmap that lays out your business proposal and the route to your successful company. But don’t let it gather dust in a drawer. Use your plan to steer your strategic management. Keep your business strategy and action plan alive and updated and watch your business grow.

Define your strategy

Discover the steps to effective strategic planning

Strategic planning clarifies your long-term goals and the steps necessary to achieve them. Based on your business plan, a clear business strategy lets you envision where your company will be in the future—and provides you with a map for getting there.

What challenges are you facing?

Read the following and learn how to develop and implement a strategic plan.


An Excellent Guide from BDC Canada

Whether it’s small improvements that increase efficiency, an exciting new product or a major overhaul that steps up your productivity, innovation can help you take your company to the next level. Draw on your team’s full potential and find new ways to enhance processes, procedures and product development. Seize the opportunity to be an innovator and drive your company’s growth.

What challenges are you facing?

Explore the headings below and discover how to make your business more innovative.

Why is innovation important?

Innovation is about shaping change—to improve your ability to compete, set your business apart in the marketplace and force competitors to react to you.

Developing new products

Developing new products has its share of setbacks and failures. However, the payoff can be huge if your new product is a winner.

Making my business more innovative

Financing my innovation projects

No matter the needs and the scale of your project, innovation requires financing. Learn more about the different sources of funding available for you to finance your business innovation projects.

Collaborating for innovation

By tapping into a partner’s knowledge and expertise, you can add value and identify opportunities for innovation that you may have missed otherwise.

Protecting my intellectual property